I honestly had a wonderful day today :)

I sweated it out at the gym for 2 hours and then went to Whole Foods for the first time. I enjoyed a selection from the cold bar there for lunch, and a soup (carrot & ginger). I also purchased three mason jars today, pretty stoked about finally getting my hands on these, they’ll make packaging salads and juices for college more appealing. (Oh dear I’m turning into a “hipster”) Also I bought THE Indian healing clay, which I know a few of my friends are raving about. I used it and I must say your face does feel cleaner and softer afterwords and I’m happy to know that no harmful and unnecessary chemicals were needed to do so! I honestly recommend it if you have pragmatic skin or need to remove all the gunk that has accumulated throughout the week in your pores. Life is good and I’m just keeping on moving forward, anything that weighs me down I won’t hesitate to let it go, and that’s helped some!

Happy days!